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Combination Hands

Combination hands are poker hands that consist of two lower-ranked hands at the same time.  

Aces ... "That Special Card"

The dual roles of the most important card in poker are explained in this lesson.

The Dealer

The concept of a dealer in poker and why it's important is discussed.

The Pre-Flop Round

Step by step explanation of what takes place in the Pre-Flop Round.

The Flop

Demonstration of the Flop and what it means.  

The Turn Card

Demonstration of the Turn card and what it means.  

The River Card

Demonstration of the River Card and what it means.  

Determining a Winner

This video is a review of hand rankings and a review of which players win in a poker game and why.  

Betting and Betting Rounds

What separates beginners from pros?

Putting It All Together

This video puts together all of the basic poker elements.

Beginning Overview

This lesson lays the groundwork for winning poker: a strict focus on three main elements of poker: position, cards, and opponents.

The Button, Position and Flow of the Game

What the dealer button is.

Overvaluing Your Hand

Statistical losing hands.

Playing Within Your Limits

Your “limits” are the amount of money you are prepared to play with in one day...

Isolating Opponents

One sure sign that your poker skills are improving is when you can successfully “isolate” your opponents...

Opening a Hand With a Raise

Being the first player to open a hand with a raise can sometimes be a better strategy than just calling the big blind...

Pre-Flop Early Position Betting

This lesson about Pre-Flop: Early Position is part one of a three part series.

Pre-Flop Middle Position Betting

This lesson about Pre-Flop: Middle Position is part two of a three part series.

Outs, Draws and Basic Odds

This video compiles some key concepts to help the intermediate poker player make crucial decisions...

Pot Odds Continued

This video expounds on some beginner Pot Odds concepts...

Missing The Flop

“Missing the Flop” simply means you don’t get the cards you’re looking for on the Flop...

Facing a Raise or a Re-Raise

You have three options in the face of a raise or re-raise: Fold, call or re-raise.  Your actions depend on several factors which are addressed in this lesson...  

The Flop: Early Position Betting

This lesson about The Flop: Early Position is part one of a three part series.

The Flop: Middle Position Betting

This lesson about The Flop: Middle Position is part two of a three part series.

Betting Strategies: The Turn and River

This video discusses some winning strategies for playing on the Turn in No Limit, Fixed Limit, and Pot Limit games.  

Poker Playing Styles

Often you will hear adjectives such as “loose,” “tight,” “passive,” and “aggressive,” as they refer to poker players.  Actually, these terms refer to playing styles and strategies.  

Equity vs. Opponent Range

One of the CardGenius Mentors presents a hand from a live $1/$2 deep stacked game for analysis...

Advanced Heads-Up Betting

Bishop, a CardGenius Mentor, discusses the variables to consider for the Pre-Flop raiser in position...  

Cooler and Overvaluing Your Hands

Cooler and overvaluing your Hands - Statistical losing hands.

Bottom Deal Hustle

World renowned mentalist Jim "The Psychic Madman" Karol performs one of his famous tricks: "Bottom Deal Hustle"

Basics of Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments

Multi-table play, your spot in the tournament standings, time limits, and prize pools are a few of the concepts discussed in this lesson.

Jim Karol Original

Jim Karol Original

Card in Shoe

World renowned mentalist Jim "The Psychic Madman" Karol performs one of his famous tricks: "Card in Shoe"

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Hand rankings are one of the most important parts of any poker game.

The Flop is turned over - three community cards are dealt; each player now has three more cards to make the best possible poker hand.

There are certain human traits that are uncontrollable.  

It takes amazing self-control to keep your face expressionless during a poker hand.  

One of the most important assets in poker is the ability to read other players’ “tells".

As you progress in your poker playing, you will hear a lot about “gathering information” from your opponents...

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