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About Our Poker Training Video Courses

Our training and video course environment offers the latest, most innovative tools in technology and the most effective educational theories in poker and card instruction. Our curriculums are outlined and layered in a simple, straight-forward approach that builds a foundation of understanding on each concept.

As a member builds his or her foundation of knowledge, more advanced strategies are introduced and then layered and scaffolded upon this basic understanding, so the Member is not confused and can progress through our curriculum at their own pace.

Throughout our video courses, you will notice that we continually refer to the same examples and previous situations, so that our Members can concentrate only on the focus lesson being taught. Knowing that a person's retention rate is limited during the first exposure to any topic, this advanced level of teaching strategy is used by academic universities and colleges worldwide to ensure that there are no distractions or spots of confusion. When all other variables stay the same, our Members can fully concentrate on the topics that are being taught. Finally, our diagnostic and testing systems introduced at our Learning Center are commonly practiced in all major academic institutes, but has never been seen in poker education, until now.

Most other sites offer a simple Poker IQ test that acts as a final exam. As our Members take this comprehensive exam on all different topics of poker, the specific strengths and weaknesses of a player are diagnosed and broken down into a specific learning blueprint that will build the groundwork of understanding on a subject matter with countless variables. Create my free VIP account »

The Card Genius IQ Test actually places our Members within the appropriate track of learning: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Then they begin their video course outline, followed by assessments and mini-assessments on the material learned. Our levels of assessments do not merely give you an overall score of understanding on the entire subject being taught. Instead, they focus on one particular skill-set that is being taught in the previous video course. These assessment based tools will tell the learner he/she truly understands the previous tutorials on that one particular concept.

Throughout the curriculum, these mini-assessments help build a member's understanding until they reach our final series Post-Test. These Post-Tests become a comprehensive final exam on a particular LEVEL of play: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. In this way, our assessments do not judge you on 25-50 questions to let you know what your IQ is; instead our assessments are used as diagnostic tools in which our program can focus in on an individual's strengths and weaknesses to develop him/her into a better player. With an ever-growing test item bank, a learner can take the same mini-assessment or post-test over and over again and see different questions that evaluate the same poker skills.

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