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Below are answers to some of the most common support questions asked. If you do not find the answer that you are looking for here, please click on our Support link and you will be taken to our Support Center. From there you will find many support options to help you resolve any issue quickly.

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How many different Memberships do you offer?

At CardGenius.com we have One (1) Membership type; Premium. There is no charge for this Membership and all Premium Members get unlimited access to all things CardGenius.com. Membership includes guaranteed unlimited entry into all sweepstakes prize tournaments, exclusive VIP Turbo Tournaments and unlimited access to our Poker Training video and Memory courses, as well as unlimited access to our other vast Learning Center content.

How Do I cancel my Membership?

If you do decide to cancel your CardGenius.com Membership, simply login and go to your "My Account", look for the "Cancel My Account" link located on the bottom left corner of the page and simply follow the instructions. You may also send you're cancellation request to Support Make sure to put "Cancel" in the subject line of your email.

Once we receive your request to cancel, we will confirm your identity and cancel your account immediately.

I lost or Can't Remember my Password, How can I retrieve it?

Go to the "Forgot Password" link located the top right hand corner of almost every page on this site. Click on that link and follow instructions to recover your password.

I've requested my Password, but I cannot find my details. What Should I do?

You may have used a different email address when you registered, or the password recovery email is in your junk or spam folders. Try using our password recovery service with any other email addresses you may have used to register. If none of these options work, please contact cardgenius.com at, Support with the subject " Forgot Password: and we will send you an email with a link to recover your password. Be sure to send the email from the email address associated with your Card Genius account.

I tried to reset my Password but it didn't work. What should I do?

Check your junk/spam folder to see if our support e-mail ended up there. If not, you can start the forgot password process again. If that does not work, contact Support, include your user name and we will send you a password recover link. Be sure to send this support email from the email address which is associated with your CardGenius.com account.

I can't remember which email address I used to join, where can I find it?

Use our Forgot Password recovery service with each of your email addresses until it stops saying "this username" or "email address" was not found in our database, please try again. Once you enter the correct email address which you used to sign up with, it will let you move to the next step.

I cannot Login! I tried to re-register, but I still can't Login to my account!

Double-check that you are entering the correct user name and password.

Usernames are not case sensitive, but passwords are case sensitive,so make sure your Caps Lock isn't on when entering your password. Check that your browser security settings are allowing cookies. You must accept cookies from us in order to use the site. If you are still having problems, please contact us at Support.

I want to change my Password. How can I do it?

In order to change your password, you must be logged into your account, go to your "My Account" page, locate the "Change Password" link and follow the instructions to change your password.

I am trying to Register, but the system is telling me that my Username is not unique?

You may already be registered as a member of www.CardGenius.com. To find out if you are, use our password recovery service. If the system sends you a password with the email you entered, you are already registered. If not, it means that someone else has already registered with that username and you will have to choose a different user name (email).

My email address has changed, can I still access my account?

Yes, you can still use the email address you signed up with. If you need to update your email address, for security reasons, we need to confirm your identity before we can make any changes to your account. You can confirm your identity in one of two ways:

  • Send us an email from the email address associated with the account to Support
  • Provide us with your mailing address and telephone number
  • If you no longer have access to the old email address, you will need to contact customer support Support and we'll do our best to help you. However, if your email has changed, you will not be able to receive any email updates from us, until we update our system.
I read about something called Winback® Cash Commissions, how does that work?

As part of the CardGenius.com' Rewards Program, all members, regardless of membership status automatically qualify to earn Winback® Cash commissions. It works like this; When an individual that you directly referred joins CardGenius.com as a Member, wins a cash prize in one of our online sweepstakes poker tournaments, whether that individual is a Premium Member or an active VIP Member, CardGenius.com pays you a percentage of that member's total sweepstakes tournament prize winnings.

  • The more members you refer, the greater percentage you have of earning Winback® Cash commissions.
  • Winback® Cash commissions are considered marketing commissions and are paid to members over and above the sweepstakes prize payout to our tournaments winners.
  • Visit the GET PAID page to read more about how easy it is to earn money with cardgenius.com.
What steps do you take to deter collusion in your games?

Collusion is a form of cheating in which two or more players form a dishonest partnership to the detriment of all the other players at the same table.

  • CardGenius.com takes this threat to the integrity of its games very seriously and has developed sophisticated methods to detect possible collusion. Thereby, ensuring that colluding players will be detected and dealt with appropriately.
  • While it is easier to pass information between colluding players in online poker and games than it is in brick and mortar card rooms, it is much more difficult to avoid eventual detection, because the hands for all players who are achieving out-of-ordinary winning results can be examined by the software to determine if a pattern of winning while playing with possible colluding partners exists and whether repeated "suspect" plays were being made by the possibly colluding partners.
  • No matter how sophisticated the collusion is, it must involve the play of hands that would not be played that way without collusion. Our collusion detection software is designed to spot possible unusual play or result patterns and issue a warning to the site operator that a thorough manual investigation is needed. All suspected collusion reported to the site by players must be thoroughly investigated, and the reporting players must be advised of the results of the investigation. If any player is found to be participating in any form of collusion, his or her account may be permanently closed. If you suspect player collusion, please report it to Support
How do you shuffle your deck randomly, so that it is fair?

CardGenius.com understands that the use of a fair and unpredictable shuffle algorithm is critical to our software. To ensure this and avoid major problems, we are using two sources of a very fast random number generation:

  • The mt_rand() function is a drop-in replacement for this. It uses a random number generator with known characteristics using the ยป Mersenne Twister.
  • We generate a random seed hash to enhance the true random number generator.
  • This source generates enough entropy to ensure a fair and unpredictable shuffle.
  • A deck of 52 cards can be shuffled in 52! ways. 52! is about 2^225 (to be precise, 80, 658, 175, 170, 943, 878, 571, 660, 636, 856, 404, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ways). We use 249 random bits from both entropy sources (user input and thermal noise) to achieve an even and unpredictable statistical distribution.
  • Furthermore, we apply conservative rules to enforce the required degree of randomness; for instance, if user input does not generate the required amount of entropy, we do not start the next hand until we obtain the required amount of entropy from Intel RNG
  • We use a cryptographic hash algorithm to mix the entropy gathered from both sources to provide an extra level of security.
  • We also maintain a salted cryptographic based pseudo-random generator to provide even more security and protection from user data attacks: To convert random bit stream to random numbers within a required range without bias, we use a simple and reliable algorithm. For example, if we need a random number in the range 0-25: we take 5 random bits and convert them to a random number 0-31 if this number is greater than 25 we just discard all 5 bits and repeat the process.
  • This method is not affected by biases related to modulus operation for generation of random numbers that are not 2n, n = 1,2,...etc.
  • To perform an actual shuffle, we use another simple and reliable algorithm:
  • first we draw a random card from the original deck (1 of 52) and place it in a new deck - now original deck contains 51 cards and the new deck contains 1 card.
  • then we draw another random card from the original deck (1 of 51) and place it on top of the new deck - now original deck contains 50 cards and the new deck contains 2 cards.
  • we repeat the process until all cards have moved from the original deck to the new deck.
  • This algorithm does not suffer from "Bad Distribution Of Shuffles".
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